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About Sam's Queenston Bakery

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Salvatore first came to Canada from Racalmuto, Sicily when he was 23 years old. Sam did not speak a word of english and had only a few dollars to his name.  When the bakery was opened it was well received by local patrons, city councillors and local police officers that loved to come in for a sweet treat. It did not take long before Sam’s Queenston Bakery became a family name when it comes to celebrating birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. For many, Sam’s Queenston Bakery has become a family tradition. 

Sam’s Queenston Bakery has in the past and continues today to be a contributing member in the local Hamilton Community. Sam has made generous donations to many causes and gives back to the community where possible. Sam’s Queenston Bakery has been acclaimed by many people including tourists from afar, famous singers, and city councillors for delivering quality Italian pastries with taste that cannot be compared. Sam’s Queenston Bakery also made a cameo on an episode of Rich Bride, Poor Bride on Slice and the WE: Women’s Entertainment Network. 

Sam would like to take this opportunity to thank all of his valued customers for choosing Sam’s Queenston Bakery when it comes to their pastry and dessert needs.  Sam’s Queenston Bakery has been a labour of love for Sam; it is his passion and his home. Sam spends countless hours at the bakery putting forward every effort to ensure a quality product for each and every customer because you are all important to him.  Please know Sam extends a big thank you to existing customers, and welcomes new customers coming in and trying Sam’s Queenston Bakery Italian pastries for the first time. Your business is very much valued and appreciated. 


Sam's Queenston Bakery offers FREE delivery on large orders to any venue in Hamilton

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