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What We Offer


Sam offers both Sicilian and Venetian cannoli in regular or mini sizes, made completely from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients. The miniature cannoli must be ordered in advance to ensure availability. The Sicilian cannoli has a ricotta based filling with a deep fried shell. Small bits of chocolate in the ricotta filling make this a sweet yet savoury treat. Venetian cannoli have a custard cream filling in a flaky baked shell. 

The “Big Cannoli” is a specialty item offered at Sam’s Queenston Bakery. This special to order item is made available for your most special occasions! Often a conversation starter, this massive Sicilian cannoli shell is beautifully crafted and then filled with miniature or regular sized cannoli. Not only the most delicious treat at your next event but also one of the most beautiful decorations for your dessert table. Call and order this masterful one of a kind creation for your next major event!

Sam’s Queenston Bakery’s cannoli have truly become a staple dessert in the homes of many people from not only Hamilton but from around the world. It would not be uncommon to run into visitors from afar in the bakery buying treats to bring home to far away places. Sam has well known customers who come in from Niagara Falls, the GTA, Italy, Australia and the United States of America. On your next visit let us know how far you have travelled to get one of Sam’s desserts! 



We sell both Sicilian and Venetian cannoli, available in regular and mini sizes. 

*Minis must be ordered in advance. 




In 45 years in business Sam has never dropped a single wedding cake EXCEPT for one, his own wedding cake!

Walk-ins are welcome to a variety of different sized rum and vanilla sponge cakes. Tell us who it’s for and we will decorate it on the spot!

Sam’s Queenston Bakery has a cake for every special occasion and offers a wide range of flavoured sponge cakes including rum and vanilla. Let us help you celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and religious events. Please call or come in to inquire how we can make a cake that suits your taste palette from ricotta or fruit centered cakes, to tiramisu, or a more traditional vanilla custard filling cake. 

At Sam’s Queenston Bakery we know that your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and we do not take that lightly. Every one of the wedding cakes created here have as much love and dedication put into them as that special relationship you are sealing with a vow.  Come in for a free cake consultation and allow us the honour and privilege of being a part of your special day. 




Assorted Pastries

In addition to our world famous cannoli, Sam’s offers many other traditional Italian pastries including rum balls, cake slices, peach bums, carrot cake, tiramisu, and a wide range of Italian cookies. Sam even offers seasonal traditional Italian pastries like Zeppole, during La Festa di San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph's Day). 

Zepppole is available at Sam’s Queenston Bakery only in March for a brief period of time. Give us a call to confirm when they are available for purchase. This traditional Italian treat to honour La Festa di San Giuseppe (Saint Joseph's Day) is a treat like you have never tasted before. A doughnut like deep fried dough filled with either our famous made from scratch ricotta or cream custard filling and coated with powdered sugar. This delicatessen is only available for a brief period of time and has many counting down the days to when they become available.

Let Sam’s Queenston Bakery pastries be a part of your evening dessert or large family event and we promise quality, and taste, that is sure to please. 


People come from around the world to taste Sam's sweet treats!


Speciality Italian Imports

Sam’s Queenston Bakery offers a range of specialty items imported from Italy that can often only be found here, including; coffee/espresso/cappuccino, cutlery, packaged pizzelle, chocolates, Panettone and much much more. Come in to the store for a visit and see what type of specialty items you can find. Sam also promises varying items throughout the year,  so don’t forget to check back!


Gift certificates to Sam's Queenston Bakery are available for purchase? 

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